Colorado Springs

May 20th 2023
Radisson Hotel 
1645 Newport  Rd
Colorado Springs

 Guests, Judges & Panelists

Click on the photos below to learn more about  our featured Guests, Judges, and Panelists.

SkS Props


Casey Renee Cosplay



Kristin Killtastic

Kristi Kai

Drizzy Designs


4 time day time Emmy award winning Illustrator

Gregory G. Peters

Cosplay Contest Judges 

Tatted Sith

TKM   Cosplay

Mrs Fae

Media & Dj!

DJ Big J Millz

Squirrelly Jedi

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Banta

Events & Panel


We have a plethora of panels geared towards working with almost every medium of prop and cosplay building by the best people in the state and even by our celebrities!

Main Stage Red Carpet Events

Want to show off your sweet style and cosplay?! We will have a few main stage red carpet events where you can swagger to some fun tunes and let everyone behold your splendor!

Cosplay Contest

Our Costume Contest is aiming at being the premier convention for its cosplay competition. We will be giving away cash, trophies and even the opportunity to be a cosplay guest/ judge at next year's convention.  Our judges are hand-picked for their strong cosplay building skills, plus their years of experience and our celebrities will be handing out the trophies!

Creators Challenge

Like to make things and compete, but don't like to wear cosplays?  Our Creative Challenge might be right up your ally! Every year we pick a new theme and challenge our patrons to make something new! This is judged by our convention guests and comes with cash and prizes!

Video Game Tournament

Think you got the skill to defeat all your opponents? Sign up and test your prowess on our Tekken 7, PS4 tournament happening from 10am -6pm. The top 3 winners will walk away with cash, prizes, medallions and the proper street creds!

Cosplay Karaoke

Cosplay Karaoke? This party favorite will combine karaoke with cosplaying! The trick is to sing a song that goes with your cosplay. Imagine Thanos singing “Another one bites the dust” by Queen and instant fun! 

Game Night and Trivia!

These events will leave you in stitches and is 100% interactive for all attendees'! Games like The Cosplay Dating Game, Who's Cosplay is it Anyway, King of the Nerds Trivia, the laughs never end and they are scheduled thought out the day! 

Panel Schedule Comming Soon!

We have a block rate of $145 a night at  The Radisson.

To make a reservation:

  • Call (719) 597-7000

  • Ask to make a reservation under the CreatorCon Block