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AJ Horton Event Center
1 V Hubert Smith Drive
McAlester, Ok
Oct 5  10am-9pm
Oct 6  10am- 5pm

Thank you   for your interest in HallowsCon!   This   family friendly event is brought to you by The City of McAlester and CreatorsCon! 

Guests and Panelists

Click on the guests pictures below for a brief bio of their work

Carla Perez

Sharon West

Duncan  Watson

Melanie Kohn

Jake Hager

Darren Ewing

Creek Wilson

Tami Erin

Jake Mohan

Codling's Creation

Brian Byrd


Maddie Rice

Buffalo Old
School Cosplay

Costume Contest Judges


Herring Cosplay



Offical Event Phtotgrapher 
and Media!

Community Cosplay Charity Groups

The Guthrie Gun Fighters

Events and Schedules

Live Professional Wrestling

We have live wrestling brought to you by Empire Pro Wrestling and No Coast Syndicate Wrestling. This year's special guest is Oklahoma Native and current AEW Wrestler Jake Hager! He WILL be wrestling saturday night!


Celebrities and Guest

Meet and greet with our celebrities and guests. 


We have a variety of vendors that offer everything from snacks to pop culture retailers with both new and vintage items!

Panels, Interviews and Workshops 

We have a plethora of panels, interviews and workshops with our celebrities and guests scheduled throughout the day on our main stage. 

Little Kids Zone

We have a Little Kids Zone open all weekend with Inflatables, Books, Arts n' Crafts, Legos, Laughter, and Smiles all with the help of our fabulous Mrs. Ashlee and her army of volenteers!


Bigger Kids Zone

We have a Bigger Kids Zone open all weekend with Arts n' Crafts, Cosplay construction, Board Games, Laughter, and Smiles all with the help of our fabulous CC Cosaplays and her army of Pre teen and teen age friends!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

 This will be craved at home, brought to the convention and judged on by the convention attendees. Be sure to have your jack-o-lantern there by 9am Saturday to give all the patrons a chance to vote on your creation. To light up your jack, look into battery powered lights, no open flame! Since we limit the number of entries to 20, you must pre-register using the button between Sept 24 to Oct 1! Just send us your name, age and phone number in your email.


​Evil Laugh Contest!

Think you got the evil laugh for a horror Flick!? Oklahoma Horror will be hosting their Competition on the main stage on Saturday.  We'll be giving out awards and prizes and you could be crowned the Laugh King or Queen for 2024!

Games and Trivia!

These events will leave you in stitches and is 100% interactive for all attendees'! Games like The Cosplay Dating Game, Who's Cosplay is it Anyway, King of the Nerds Trivia, the laughs never end and they are scheduled thought out the day! 



Be sure to sign up at the DJ table anytime during the day. As soon as we have enough signed up, we'll erupt the schedule with a few songs of awesomesause

Main Stage Red Carpet Event

Want to show off your sweet style and costume?! We will have a few main stage red carpet event where you can swagger to some fun tunes and let everyone behold your splendor!


Cosplay Contest

We ave a bunch of different costume contests to give everyone a chance at competing. Individual (Crafted), Individual (Masquerade), Kids, and Pets! We will be giving away cash and trophies to the winners of this competition extravaganza! Our judges are hand picked for their strong cosplay building skills, plus their years of experience and our celebrities will be handing out the trophies!

Car&Motorcycle Show!

This is our first year of adding a car&motorcycle show to the event and we are very excited! The car show will run Sunday Oct 6th from 10am to when we pass out trophies and prizes at 4:00pm.  We'll have local auto and motorcycle industry judges, prizes, cool trophies and a 50/50 with half going to our raffle winner and half going to the Boys and Girls Club of McAlester! Here's a list of categories for our car and truck trophies; Best in Show, Crowd Favorite, Best Chrome, Best Interior, Best Paint, Most Original (pre in 80s), Best Custom and the Daliy Driver.  Here a list of motorcycle trophies; Best in Show, Best Themed, Best Paint, Crowd Favorite, Best Vintage(40s-70s). There is a $20 fee to register, payable when you arrive at the ticket counter or through this page's ticket system.  You will receive 1 free convention pass also. You must register before Oct 1st by clicking the link below and contacting us through email; listing your name, phone number and make/model/year of your vehicle. All show entries must be present by 9:00am that Sunday.

maddie vendor.jpeg

Congrats to our 2023 winner!

Cherish M!

P1013123 (1).JPG

Jake Hager!


CC Cosaplay


Cosplay   Contest  Rules and Info

We have a Crafted Adult (16+) and an Adult Masquerade contest on Saturday. Our crafted cosplay contest is for people that make 60% or more of their cosplays. Didn't make your own costume? Our Masquerade contest is more suited for folks that bought their costumes. Just register between 10am-4pm on Sat the 5th at our Cosplay area.  Pre-Judging will be at 4pm and our celebrities will hand out the trophies and cash prizes at the end of the day! 

We also have a Kids and a Pets contest on Sunday.  Just register between 10am-12pm on Sun the 22nd In our Cosplay area.  Pre-Judging will be at 2pm and our celebrities will hand out the trophies and cash prizes at the end of the day! 


1.  Cannot have anything on the entry that would hurt someone (i.e., sharp points, sharp edges). 

2.  All electronic must be self-contained with no outside electricity available.

3.  Absolutely no open flame or real weapons.

4.  No projectiles will be shot into the crowd or any material that will make a mess.

5.  Each contestant will have 2 minutes of stage time to act out, pose, or portray anything related to their character they would like to express.

6. Each costume should be appropriate for all ages to view.

7. By being in the contest you acknowledge that your picture might be used on the CreatorsCon Web sight and in advertisments for future CreatorsCons.


Individual Crafted 60% or more

First place. $100, 2 Tickets for any CreatorsCon in 2025,  judge spot at next years show

 and a Medallion

Second place receives a Medallion

Third place receives a  Medallion


First place receives  2 tickets for any CreatorsCon 2025 and a Medallion

Second Place receives a Medallion

Third place receives a Medallion

Kids (0-16)

First place receives $50, 2 tickets for any CreatorsCon 2025 and a Medallion

Second place receives a Medallion

Third place receives a Medallion


First place receives $50, 2 tickets for any CreatorsCon 2025 and a Medallion

Second place receives a Medallion

Third place receives a Medallion

Schedule of Events 

Sat Oct 5 Main Stage Schedule

9:00am                                      Early VIP Entry        

10:00am                                     Opening Ceremonies 

10:30am-11:00am                    Panel with Brian Byrd 

11:00am-11:30am                     Oklahoma Droid Builders

11:30am-12:00pm                    Q&A with Creek Wilson

12:00pm-1:00pm                      King of the nerds

1:00am-1:30pm                        Peanuts Q&A with Melanie Kohn and Duncan Watson

1:30pm-2:00pm                      Troll2 Q&A with Darren Ewing

2:00pm-2:30pm                     Scream Contest presented by Oklahoma Horror                               

2:30pm-3:00pm                     Pippi Longstockings Q&A with Tami Erin

4:00pm                                      Adult Crafted/ Masquerade Costume Contest Prejudging starts.                         

4:00pm-4:30pm                     Power Rangers Q&A with Carla Perez                   

4:30pm-5:00pm                     Q&A with Jake Hager                                          

5:00pm-5:30pm                     Red Carpet

5:30pm                                      Cosplay Contest Awards

6:00pm-9:00pm                     Wrestling


Guthrie Gun Fighters Outside Schedule Saturday Only:

10:00am                                          2:00pm                                                    

11:00am                                           3:00pm

12:00pm                                          4:00pm

Sun. Oct 6 Main Stage

9:00am                                   Early VIP Entry        

10:00am                                  Open                               

10:00am-11:00am                 Jake Mohan Productions

11:00am                                   Kids/ Pets Costume Contest prejudging starts

11:00am -11:30am                 Oklahoma Droid Builders                        

11:30am-12:00pm                 Panel with Sharon West

12:00pm-2:00pm                 Karaoke with Buffalo Old School Cosplay  



4:00PM                                   Car&Motorcycle Show Awards and 50/50 raffle.                 

5:00pm                                   Close


Kids 8  and under are free!
Veterans and First  responders get a $5 discount at will call

Kids 8-16                                                                                                                                              $10
General  online until October  4                                                                                   $20

General   @ the door                                                                                                                $25
VIP  Ticket      <limit 6o>                                                                                                        $50
10'x5' Vendor  Booth                                                                                                          $100
10'x10' Vendor Booth                                                                                                       $150
10'x20' Vendor Booth                                                                                                    $200
Caer&Motorcycle Show Entery Fee                                                                  $20

VIP Ticket 
1. Early Access at 9am    both days >
2. Lanyard with Limited Edition HallowsCon VIP Pass >
3.   Guaranteed   ring side seating for all wrestling matches. >
4. Express to the front of all Celebrity lines.>
5. Commemorative   souvenir.>

6. Out of all VIP tickets sold, we will have a drawing of 10 lucky individuals that will be able to eat in the green room alongside    Jake Hager! Drawing will be   Saturday morning during the opening ceremonies.  You    DO NOT   have to be present to win.  Check in with Will Call upon your arrival.> 

The Offical Con Hotels  are....
Comfort Suites McAlester
650 George Nigh Expressway
Mc Alester, Ok 74501
Holiday Inn Express
1811 Peaceable Rd.
McAlester, Oklahoma



Offical  Convention  Restaurant
and Green room  Caterers!


Modo Mio
1746 Carl Albert  Expressway
McAlester, Oklahoma



AJ Horton Event Center
1 V Hubert Smith Dr, McAlester, OK 74501

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